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Puff paint is BACK!

I fell in love with a duvet set from Ikea and we decided to use it as our starting point in the guest room. Falling in love? At Ikea? I know, shocking. It was even a solid color – how hard could that be to work with? This bedding was a deep, dark eggplant purple and it needed to be mine.

I immediately started thinking about paint colors to go with purple bedding and black furniture. I thought grey would look fantastic, but I had just painted 50% of the house grey and I’m a girl who needs variety. My husband suggested lavender. Apparently he has not actually met me, or else he would have known that the one color I detest more than any other is lavender. No thank you. I was pulling for a soft yellow, but he went straight to the extreme and chose a deep mustardy gold. I wasn’t sold on the color, but in my shock at his choosing a ballsy color I WENT for it.

Have you ever decorated a room based entirely around one piece of decor you love? Is it just me or does it always become SO MUCH HARDER to find things that “go” when you do it that way? Especially when you box yourself in with a really bold choice of wall color. Of course, I had a empty wall that really needed some art and Lord knows I wasn’t going to find anything that fit the bill. What was left to do but make my own? Inspired by this lovely project I found on Pinterest, I set to work.

I decided to free-hand the puff paint directly onto a 16″ x 20″ blank canvas I bought at Michael’s. I used black so I could see what I was doing since I was going to paint over it anyway. And it’s a good thing since I had a little blurp-turned-smudge down in the corner. Sue me, I haven’t used puff paint since 1992.

Once the puff paint was dry, I brushed on a couple coats of Behr paint, color-matched to the bedding. I just bought a sample-sized jar, no need for a full quart here. And yes, I used interior wall paint on a canvas. It turned out great, so there. I only did two coats because I liked the slightly mottled appearance it gave the purple. It looked like more “legit” art to me.

Once the purple was dry I went back and brushed on metallic gold in a few places just to add some interest and to pull the wall color in and tie everything together. This is the final result.

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