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This weekend I was feeling both culinary and craft inclined, a rare occasion. While my better half pulled kid duty I made a combination grocery-craft store run to arm myself for the day. I may have dawdled a little bit because having a moment to myself outside of going to work is an amazing thing. It’s sad when Wal-Mart feels like a vacation. Fast forward a couple hours, with quiche cooling, chocolate chip pumpkin bread baking, and beef stroganoff crockpotting (what? that’s totally a verb) I began my assault on this foam wreath.


Yarn-wrapped wreaths are all over the place right now and I’ve been coveting each and every one. But there’s no reason to long for something when it’s ridiculously easy to make, and pretty darn cheap too. I spent less than $15 for all the supplies, including the new glue gun and glue sticks because a particular spouse of mine, who shall remain nameless, jacked my other glue gun for his classroom. And a particular friend of mine, who shall also remain nameless jacked my other other glue gun. This is why I buy the cheap mini glue guns. But, el cheapo still does a fabulous job of hot gluing the yarn on the back of the wreath at 2-3 inch intervals. It’s a bit tedious, but it only took about a half-hour to wrap a 12 inch wreath.


Behold, a new sexy, yarny (it’s an adjective, I swear), smoky grey wreath. Gorgeous unto itself but it could use a little sauciness, don’t you think?


There are lots of variations on hand made felt flowers, and they’re all pretty easy to make. I went with some more modern-looking rolled flowers for my creation. Easy-peasy. You start with a circle of felt, cut in a spiral towards the middle. Leave the little resulting circle in the middle intact, this will become the bottom of your flower. The bigger the circle the bigger the flower.


Starting at the outside end, roll the felt up, adding dabs of hot glue as you go to hold it all together.


When you get to the middle of the circle, fold the little circle of felt over to cover the bottom of the flower and secure with hot glue.


Ain’t it cute? Wash-rinse-repeat for different sizes and different colors and glue them onto your wreath as you see fit.


Here she is, in her final resting place on my living room wall next to the front door. I added a black satin ribbon, or you could hang with a nail, hook, industrial strength adhesive, whatever floats your boat.


A little perspective on the location. Forgive the grainyness of this shot, my camera is afraid of the dark (eeee!). It was Halloween Eve, after all.


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I'm a wife and mom who's always had a passion for creating. It doesn't matter what the project is, I just can't abide idle hands, or more accurately, an idle mind. Before I even finish a current project my brain is plotting the next five. My husband will one day learn not to be so skeptical about my plans because it (almost) always works out. I draw lots of inspiration from other blogs and the glorious timesuck that is Pinterest and hope that my projects can serve to inspire someone else.

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